Elections, History, and Christians

The morning after elections shouldn’t change how Christians live, regardless of who wins. It’s a mighty thing that the Lord of this universe holds the results of all earthly elections in his hands. The Bible teaches that God holds more than that. Every president’s heart flows within God’s hand to be disposed and turned as the Lord deems best in his godly wisdom (Proverbs 21:1). What a statement! Statistics, prognoses, secular data, media talk shows—none possesses such power to both choose and change presidents like our God does.

“History” is always “His Story,” writes Christian theologian Alec Motyer. We get so engrossed into today that yesterday is saved as another tab on our phones. And yet, the grand lesson of history has always pointed to an involved God who works his purposes from the flow of all kinds of events. It’s Motyer who also writes, Like every other “voice” in the Old Testament, the voice of history is a prayer for the coming of the Messiah.  The people of God looked for, and waited on the promised Christ to come. History has always worked for Christ. Today, while we delight in our Savior’s coming more than 2000 years ago, we stand in this unique spot in history, waiting (again) for his return. Our contemporary historical voice—technological, electronic, scientific—is our modern prayer for the return of our Savior. Heaven is afoot. Our current history is our 21st century prayer calling for Jesus to hasten his return.

This year is certainly new to us but never un-precedented. Christ preceded it all, planned it carefully, and works it out for his praise and our sanctification. The future of our nation, as well as ours as Christians, flows through the fingers of a good and sovereign Historian. The Bible encourages believers to keep faith through the history because “the Lord who has gone to such lengths to secure the outcome and glory will not allow you to lose your way” en route to Heaven (John 14:1-2).  Is the time we live through scary? It sure is. But we should never be lost to any event; nor will any events lose us on our way to Heaven. The elections don’t get to dictate our eternity: Christ already has. History can’t keep Christ out of it because it is His Story in the first place–elections and all the mornings after included.