The Rest Of Titus and Why It Matters For Women

I have found myself treating Titus 2 as little more than a gender-identity workshop. Too often we tragically cut Titus 2 off from the larger context in an overly personalized way. For years I have been drawn to biblical verses and books dealing with womanhood, selectively zooming to passages that deal with the issue, and skimming through most of everything else.  

But I’ve come to the conclusion that chopping off sections of the Bible, in the way I was doing, produces nothing more than obstructed and skewed identities. In other words, we understand our gendered Identity less clearly. We can have a narrow-mindedness focus about Christian womanhood. Our identity as women created in God’s image is at its best when received in the context of the entirety of God’s story, firmly rooted in all of God’s word, and distinctively placed in our local church.

That’s why before Titus 2 is about me, Titus 2 is about God. Titus 2 is not just about women; it is about the whole church, about the reputation of God’s word, and about the Great Commission. With that in mind, here are 3 points for women to think about, drawn from the large context of the book of Titus, that have revolutionized my understanding of femininity in the light of God, his word, and his church.  
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